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Unisex White Tee


Wrap yourself in the warmth of our hand-printed unisex t-shirt, a testament to our unwavering love for Zuidoost. Each stroke is an ode to social and cultural support for young souls.

Our logo, reminiscent of the city’s architecture, forms a bridge of unity. Embrace the vibrant spirit of our community, as we celebrate connection and progress. Wear your heart and city proudly..


Women White Tee


Step into the fashion spotlight with our sensational collection of women’s t-shirts, where each design is carefully hand-printed with love.

Crafted from 100% organic cotton, right here in the vibrant streets of Zuidoost, these tees proudly embody the spirit of our community.

By choosing our locally-made garments, you not only showcase impeccable style but also empower and uplift the talented local artisans who pour their passion into each piece. Experience fashion with heart and soul.