Welcome to Zuidoost 020!
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Welcome to Zuidoost 020!
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Welcome to Zuidoost 020!
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Straight out of Zuidoost

Welcome to Zuidoost 020, the home of an extraordinary clothing brand that speaks directly to young hearts. Clothing is more than just fabric—it's an essential part of our daily lives, and we understand its power to shape identities.

By wearing our brand, we connect you to positive values that uplift our community.

At Zuidoost 020, we stand for inclusiveness and pride. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you're an integral part of our story. We're fiercely proud of our vibrant Zuidoost district, a place that embodies our values and aspirations.

Our logo proudly represents the soul of Amsterdam and Zuidoost, symbolizing the bond between our city and its residents. It's inspired by our architectural wonders, featuring thin letters that pay homage to

Amsterdam's unique charm. The iconic X from the flag rests atop the letter "I". The letter "T" is forming a bridge—a nod to the countless canals that unite us.

This bridge represents more than just physical connections, it represents unity, progress, and our brand's vision. Every step of our journey involves our local community. Our t-shirts are made from 100%

organic cotton, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

They're hand-printed with love by local artisans, each design brought to life by talented artists who share our passion for Zuidoost, Amsterdam, and the boundless potential of our youth.

Zuidoost is no longer just a place to visit f.e. the Amsterdam Arena, it's a chance to show your support and love for Amsterdam-Zuidoost. By wearing our brand, you declare your connection and pride in our beautiful capital. Join us in celebrating the diverse tapestry of our community, a tapestry that reflects

the love, support, and belonging we all share. Together, let's make our mark on the world and create a future where everyone feels valued and uplifted.

Core values of Zuidoost 020

Zuidoost 020
Zuidoost 020
Zuidoost 020

Creativity stands for converting knowledge and expertise into original ideas and products that are new, original and useful. Zuidoost 020 not only wants to promote creativity among individual participants, but also develop creative teams. We want the participants to have a broad focus and easily adapt to different approaches and visions. With this concept we also use creativity to solve social issues.

Dutch society is becoming increasingly multicultural and people view this differently, both positively and negatively. Zuidoost 020 wants to propagate the perspective that ethnic groups have strong, rich and diverse cultures. Research has already shown that diversity leads to more innovation and creativity, because people have different perspectives and ideas.

Respect is a universal value and forms the basis for mutual relationships. Zuidoost 020 is therefore a place where participants work together out of respect for each other, so that everyone can be and become who they are. We accept that others may have different values and standards and we use this fact to our advantage by learning from each other’s strengths. As a team we are reliable, we take responsibility and we respect each other.

We see respect as the basis for connecting with each other. The focus is on being able to interact better with each other. Groups should get to know each other and take an interest in each other. It is important that people understand each other and start living together. With Zuidoost 020 we want to gain recognition for Zuidoost with respect for ethnic, cultural differences and diversity. So that everyone can get an equal place in society.

Zuidoost 020 uses principles from the business world, such as working more professionally, using creativity, pursuing innovation and working in a customer, service and product-oriented way. As a training company, we are constantly looking for opportunities in the market and the investments that are required for this.